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Oak Creek Rock Climbing

October 19, 2011

12 October: We decided to cut the trip short, skip Thursday night camping, and head back to Phoenix after climbing on Wednesday. We cleaned up camp and drove back to Flagstaff. After a short stop in the diner, we drove South on I-17 and exited at Highway 89A, exit 337. We drove 8 or so miles and turned left onto the Oak Creek Overlook. There are tons of toprope problems here, and with help from a backed-up tree anchor, Thomas climbed a 5.10-. We are both learning that climbing outside is very different from indoor. Thomas had a tough time climbing this because we rarely climb cracks, because we are usually indoor.

Thomas heading over to the crag.

Thomas scouting the climb and setting up the tree anchor.

The pitch Thomas climbed.

Thomas on a ledge, taking a break.

The tree anchor.

Thomas post-climb.

Thomas and I post-climb.


We drove down 89A, through Sedona. On the way we stopped at a roadside well and filled up on some sandstone-filtered water.

The spring.

The water was awesome, and we made it back to Phoenix by 6 pm.


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