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Grand Canyon Trip

December 11, 2011

I headed up to the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving Break with my good friend Chad. From Friday-Saturday we drove up to the Canyon, sledded a bit, hiked a bit, and then rappelled off the rim and onto the Bright Angel Trail, hiking out to grab a hot dinner at Bright Angel.We camped and visited Montezuma’s Castle.

Sunrise from Black Mesa.

I-17 from Black Mesa.

Canyon from Black Mesa.

Canyon from Black Mesa.

San Francisco Peaks with fresh snow from the I-17.

We drove from Phoenix, took a quick break at Black Mesa and a breakfast stop at Camp Verde. We passed Flagstaff and Snowbowl, and began looking for a Forest Road to get a little sledding.

The Forest Road we turned onto.

The little hill that we hiked up to sled down.

Chad turning the car around.

Driving the Lexus in the ice and snow was fun.

Snowy peaks out the window. Possibly Kendrick?

San Franciscos out of the mirror.

We got to the Canyon, got a spot at Mather Campground, had some lunch, and headed off to the rim. We then rappelled off the rim and scrambled down to a switchback in the Bright Angel Trail.

Chad preparing for the rappel.

Chad about to rappel.

View from the bottom of the rappel. A few other routes in view.

Bottom of the rappel.

Chad starting the rappel.

Chad at the bottom of the rappel.

We scrambled down the canyon, and had to be very careful not to create rockfall, because the Bright Angel Trail was right below us. We got to a really cool ledge with a few climbing routes. From this vantage people on the trail began to take tons of photos of us from the Rim Trail and the Bright Angel Trail. Quite amusing.

Me on the ledge.

Me on the ledge, which is a start to a rock climb.

On the ledge.

Chad on the ledge.

Chad admiring the view.

Chad took a lot of photos the next day with his camera, and I messed around with it. I didn’t take many photos with mine. We camped and watched the Great Escape on my computer. Steve McQueen is a beast. We stopped on the way back at Montezuma’s Castle, and I took a quick photo. Gotta love that National Parks Pass for getting us in free!

Montezuma's Castle.

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