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Cycling to South Mountain

January 18, 2012

On Sunday 15 January, Thomas and I rode our bikes out to South Mountain. I had just built up a double drive fixie with Thomas’ help and I wanted to see how it would do on a long-ish ride. The marathon was going on and it was tough to avoid the closed roads and marathon traffic. My mom couldn’t make it to his house because McDowell was closed, so I rode the last mile.

We set off under a cloudy sky at 8:30. Our goal was to get to Heard Pueblo in South Mountian, where Thomas’ brother Matt and Mr. Keating were camping with Boys Scouts. We rode by Tempe Town Lake, crossed the marathon traffic by Mill, and continued South. We went on 48th South and Thomas got a call, his dad was leaving the Pueblo early. We stopped in Jack in the Box to get breakfast. We continued on South and met Mr. Keating and Matt at a QT.

We rode on a canal and finally got to Heard Pueblo, but not without me getting a flat on the way first.

Bikes at Heard Pueblo.

Thomas at Heard Pueblo.

My double drive fixie.

The double drive and I, the one who always ends up carrying all the gear.

Thomas ready to go.

Placing a sticker on the sign.

Sticker on the sign.

We came back the way we came and took a minute to go across the new bridge at the west end of the lake.

The double drive.

Thomas in front of the building.

Thomas in front of the building.

Me at the building.

Me at the building.

After I hung around Thomas’ place for a bit and then we went to REI. I was clad in Saudi clothes and we got a few laughs and stares…more on that later.

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