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Bike Ride to Seven Springs

May 19, 2012

On Sunday Thomas and I rode our bikes from Cave Creek to Seven Springs. It was a hot day out, and we only started at 1:00 pm. The heat was brutal, as were the climbs, but we were able to get a breeze to cool us off. I rode my new cross bike that I built up with Sram Apex, Brooks Team Pro Special Saddle, and some 42c Conti Cyclocross Race tires. Thomas rode his Argon18 Gallium, built with Sram Force and 25c Conti Gatorskins. We both made it out there fine. Though my bike was more aptly suited to the conditions they both worked. The road is grated, so it is extremely bumpy for a bike…riding most of the time on the hoods made my hands sore the next two days.

Bikes leaned against eachother to take a break.

We got to Seven Springs and enjoyed a break, and cooled off in the water. It was not very deep, but I was feeling sick from the heat so it was refreshing. We took a few pictures and began the ride back.

Seven Springs.

We rode a few miles, until we stopped and a man in a pickup gave us a bottle of water out of his cooler. The ice-cold water was great, and we thanked him for it and continued on our way. On the way in the downhill sections were gradual and the climbs steep. On the way out the climbs were mercifully gradual, but the descents were very fast. Usually that would be nice, but on dirt roads we played it safe and slowed down a bit…plus my brakes were squeaking horribly. We finally got to the paved portion of the road, finished the last couple climbs, and coasted downhill the last bit to the car. It was a nice ride, and next time I think starting early would be a good change.

Thomas at Seven Springs.

The road out.

Thomas and I on the road.

Thomas’ bike post-ride.

My bike post-ride.

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