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Frozen on Dinara

June 18, 2013

My dad and I went to the Czech Republic this summer in poor weather. In Prague there is flooding, temperatures in the 40s (8 C or so), and it has been raining every day. For the weekend we chose to fly to Croatia to climb a peak that we thought might be a little warmer and more pleasant, Dinara (1831 m). We thought wrong.

In Split the weather was fair enough, drizzling with glimpses of the sun, but on Saturday morning we got in the car at 6:00 to drive to Glavaš. Glavaš is a village near Kijevo and Knin, close to the Bosninan border. It took about two hours to get there. Parking in what may or may not have been someone’s front yard we began the hike in pouring rain. Within a mile my feet were soaking wet, walking through high grass. We found our way past the ruins of the Glavaš fortress, careful to stay on the trail–we had been warned of mines on the mountain. Depsite both having hardshells for the rain, we were soaked from sweat anyway. After passing about 15 people who hiked at a pace that we described as ‘glacial’ we emerged from a valley onto the ridge which would lead to the summit.



At about that time the rain turned to snow, and visibility dropped to about 10 m. It got very cold and I lost feeling in my toes for awhile. We hiked through snow, which accumulated to about 6-12 inches. At the summit we were both freezing cold, and after having trouble operating the camera with shaking hands we got a couple pictures and got the hell outta there.



After getting off the ridge the weather eased off a little bit, we warmed up, and finished the hike up with a total time of about 4.5 or 5 hours. Stats on the hike: 16 km, 1200 m elevation gain.

We had a two hour drive to Split, but we took a detour and drove on some smaller roads and through the city of Knin. The next day we drove to Zadar and took a daytrip to Krka National Park, which was excellent particularly with the unusually high amount of water in the river. After Zadar we went back to Split and flew home to Prague.

Roman forum in Zadar

Roman forum in Zadar


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